J3C College Football Top 25 (after Week 12 )


The beat goes on.  As do the beatdowns and the beatings.  In other words, just a normal college football season.

The latest victim of reality turns out to be none other than the defending national champions.   Quite the dysfunctional family circus in Columbus apparently, finally brought out in the open with their first loss.  There’s a bit of irony in how Michigan State diminished their best win by virtue of giving someone their first loss but that’s the way things go sometimes …. Clemson and Alabama both dispatched lesser opponents in roughly the appropriate fashion, Notre Dame makes themselves a bit vulnerable by letting one hang around too closely … Not sure there’s any team elevating its stock more week after week than Oklahoma …. OK State on the other hand, well, so much for them I suppose … And whither Iowa?   Unappreciated giant? Paper tiger?  That probably doesn’t get answered until the B1G title game, but we should finally have an answer after that one way or the other … Elsewhere, Georgia escaped a near disaster.  Maybe not a job-saving win for CMR but one that I think he couldn’t lose and remained employed … Tennessee gets a win over a lackluster Missouri but that’s definitely a sign of progress nevertheless … and then there’s poor ol’ Georgia Tech.  Not really anything to say about that mess that I haven’t said more than once already.  I do still think this year’s renewal of Good Clean Old Fashioned Hate should have a stipulation that says the winner gets to fire their coach but the loser should be forced to keep their’s.  THAT would be high-stakes drama for sure.

It’s getting late, the contenders and pretenders are almost totally separated now, but we still need another JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25
(last week’s ranking follows their name)
1. Clemson (2)
2. Alabama (3)
3. Oklahoma (5)
4. Notre Dame (4)
5. Iowa (7)
6. Michigan State (12)
7. Baylor (8)
8. Ohio State (1)
9. Oklahoma State (6)
10. Florida (9)
11. North Carolina (11)
12. Michigan (14)
13. Florida State (15)
14. Stanford (16)
15. Navy (18)
16. TCU (10)
17. Washington State (21)
18. Oregon (23)
19. Ole Miss (25)
20. Northwestern (Un)
21. UCLA (Un)
22. Mississippi State (Un)
23. Houston (13)
24. Pitt (24)
25. Temple (Un)

Dropped out: LSU (17), Utah (19), Wisconsin (20), USC (22)


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