Three Things (for Jan 9, 2016)

The first installment of the new year for this (highly) irregular feature.  Complete with a bonus-with-purchase fourth item*.

1) I have got to get a Google Glass, or a discreet GoPro, or something.  The frequency of things I’d love to get a photo of but can’t manage without creating a scene seems to be on the rise.   Today’s example was a hairstyle.

I really can’t describe it well enough to do it justice but if you remember the old Football Follies clip where they added sound effects to the helmet being removed to reveal an ENORMOUS afro, well, that would get you in the vicinity.
I’d almost swear I could hear her hairnet screaming for mercy.

2) I may have mentioned this before but it bears repeating:  if your passenger vehicle is so comically tall that it cannot be seen over or around then there should be a law requiring it to be made of plexiglass or some other see-through material.

3) Had an Archie/Meathead doorway moment while trying to leave the takeout pizza place.   And instead of anybody getting mad we both had a good chuckle out of it, all the way into the parking lot.   A good reminder that just because a high percentage of rank strangers I encounter are, ahem, less than enjoyable doesn’t mean that ALL of them are.   Didn’t know the guy but I’d say odds are he’s alright.

Bonus Item) As I waited to pull out of the parking lot out by the road something on the ground caught my eye.   A little pile of airline-sized Fireball bottle.   I don’t mean one or two,  I mean closer to a half dozen.   Now that’s fine I guess but it left me wondering what scenario caused them to be left there.   Did someone just try to clean out their car a bit?  Was there a drinking game?  It seemed like an unlikely spot for anyone to be pre-gaming, although I guess a half dozen shots of Fireball could hold down the tab at the nearby “gastropub”.   Just one of those deals where the “why” ended up being more interesting than the “what”.


(Void where prohibited, see store for details)

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