Three things (for July 16, 2016)

Not just any plain ol’ three things either, but three from just a single evening

1) A change in dinner plans after a mix-up about restaurant hours led us back to a place we hadn’t been in at least ten years.  Jim Stalvey’s, in Covington, was a regular haunt of ours in Will’s early days and it was interesting to return after so long an absence.  I’ve always know that “it’s funny what you remember” but it’s often interesting to see just what pops into your head.  Before we were even seated I remembered that this was the only place where I ever had to take the young one outside & have a little, ahem, “discussion” about proper behavior when dining out.   It only took the once, never had an issue again.   Meanwhile, he remembered being very young and slightly confused about why the clam chowder he always had never looked like what he had in mind.   Probably because what he actually wanted (but hadn’t heard by name at that point) was french onion soup.   And all three of us immediately remembered their dandy horseradish dipping sauce for the onion rings.

And in less than a month that same child leaves for college.
1) I am now a level 4.5 trainer in Pokemon Go!  With an 83 CP Golbat even.   Yay me … or something.  Mad skillz, umm, I may not haz ’em.   But it was certainly interesting for me to see some of the finer details in action.

I’m particularly impressed by the degree of precision they managed from thousands of miles away with the design consistently having Pokestops be juuuuuuust far enough outside the range of the main roadway to force players off the road & into a specific location.  Not all of them, but a high percentage.  This seems likely to be a marketing force going forward, the technology has caught up & the developers have shown the path for copycats down the line.

Otherwise, I’m impressed by the crisp graphics, especially with the gyms.  Some of the most striking I’ve seen in years of gaming honestly, they nailed it.

Downtown Covington was bustling with people playing, downtown Monroe had less people but an exceptionally dense concentration of spawn points so it was definitely prime territory.   And people from across an exceptionally wide spectrum all acknowledging each other’s activity and being sociable where we would have typically found no common ground nor reason to even speak to one another.

3) Finally tried out the (not so) “new” Wal-Mart neighborhood grocery here in Athens.  It’s not quite as close to me as the main superstore and off my most beaten path as well but as it worked out, there we were so what the heck.   I have to admit that I was more than a little surprised to find not one single item priced higher than the superstore, and roughly 1/3rd to 1/2 the items in a “need this n’ that” run be actually a little cheaper than the price I’m used to.  Slightly less selection in some grocery departments but, 18 cents/item here and 14 cents/item there, and only maybe half the walking … probably not my last visit.


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