J3C College Football Top 25 (after week one)


Well that certainly made a mess of things, didn’t it?

The opening weekend of college football certainly brought more than its fair share of upsets, as well as exposure of the overrated.   When the smoke cleared, it was hard for me to avoid feeling like it might be a year for ranking #1 and then just giving out spots 2-24 to “The Field”.

Alabama certainly solidified there claim on the top spot but after that, there were probably more teams with serious concerns than with cause for celebration.

The Tide put the Hurts on USC … Stanford benefits from having an incredibly dynamic star … Florida State at least showed resilience after a pedestrian first half … Clemson looked extremely vulnerable, unless we’re to believe that Auburn is far better than expected … Ohio State & Michigan simply avoided major missteps … Houston certainly put themselves in a fantastic position for a playoff berth, I see maybe only three legitimate challenges to an unbeaten regular season for them now … Texas elevated themselves considerably but can they sustain that over time … Tennessee and LSU are certainly among the exposed group … and at this point I’m wondering whether there will be many opportunities to say anything positive about my lifelong favorite Georgia Tech other than the occasional “well, at least they didn’t lose this week”.

After parsing all the carnage, here’s what’s left of the JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25 after week one.   (preseason J3C ranking follows their name)

1.  Alabama (1)
2. Stanford (4)
3. Florida State (6)
4. Clemson (2)
5. Ohio State (5)
6. Michigan (7)
7. Houston (14)
8. Michigan State (10)
9. Washington (16)
10. Georgia (17)
11. TCU (11)
12. Iowa (19)
13. Texas (Un)
14. Wisconsin (25)
15. Oklahoma (3)
16. Louisville (21)
17. Baylor (Un)
18. Oregon (Un)
19.  Notre Dame (11)
20. Ole Miss (9)
21.  Tennessee (13)
22. Texas A&M (Un)
23. Utah (23)
24. LSU (8)
25. North Carolina (18)

Dropped: USC (15), Oklahoma State (20),UCLA (22), Arkansas (24)


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