Walking Dead premiere reaction

My intention here is to be spoiler-free, I’ll do my very best.

Maybe now some of my comments around social media in the past few days make a little more sense. I honestly don’t know that an American TV audience will prove willing to deal with this level of … brutality.  

For those that don’t watch The Walking Dead, consider everything you’ve seen on television — fiction, reality, any & all — and then consider that what just aired has me sincerely wondering whether it’s maybe just … too much.
I don’t mean from a should they/shouldn’t they aspect. The creative team was well within their rights & then some. This IS what the source material is. This is what always had to happen.
But will that have an audience on television?  I have my doubts to be honest.

The Walking Dead isn’t going anywhere any time soon.  I don’t mean that the audience suddenly goes away overnight.  But I do expect as much as 30% – 40% of the audience to be gone a year from now.  In my heart of hearts, I just don’t believe the level of cruelty on display is something that we en masse are looking for.  We get enough of that in our every day lives, one way or another.

It’s often brilliantly done television, hell, writing & acting period never mind the medium.
It’s a tribute to all those involved that we have such strong reactions.

But is this … entertainment?  And if we aren’t being entertained, what motive to watch do we have?

I’m really having some doubts about that in recent days, tonight did nothing to change those.


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