J3C College Football Top 25 (after week nine)

Looks like we had ourselves an elimination week.

Since Bama had the week off, it was Michigan’s turn to be the top dog in action.  They did what they had to do, though the game certainly had less luster than we might have expected if you’d asked in the pre-season … Clemson turned it on, then turned it off, then turned it back on just in time to save themselves … Wisconsin gets the better of Nebraska … Washington got a nice win, while Louisville & Ohio State both managed to narrowly avert disaster … The big story of the week in college football were all the teams that had “well, crap” moments.  Baylor?  Gone.  West Virginia?  Bye.  Boise State? See ya later … Of course it wasn’t just the unbeatens that saw their seasons go down in flames.   Ole Miss got beat by a team that’s probably simply better than them at this point, but find themselves hoping to at least salvage a bowl bid … Tennessee meanwhile got exposed, again.  Horribly.   Temps are unseasonably warm in several parts of the South right now but maybe nowhere more than in Knoxville, and deservedly so.   Firings, benchings, you name it, after the Saturday debacle in Columbia, it should all be on the table … Georgia did about as well as anyone should have reasonably expected against another boring but effective Florida team that now looks like they’ll get to be Bama’s sacrificial lamb in the SEC title game … Georgia Tech narrowly averted disaster themselves, rallying to beat Duke on homecoming after blowing a big early lead.   Oddly enough, that wouldn’t have been the worst loss in history really, that’s not a horribly bad Duke team.

Steadily moving into the time of year when fewer & fewer fans have reasons to be happy with their teams, I reckon they still need to be ranked, so that’s the reason we get another JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25, new & improved after week nine. (previous week J3C ranking follows their name)

1. Alabama (1)
2. Michigan (2)
3. Washington (4)
4. Clemson (3)
5. Texas A&M (9)
6. Ohio State (7)
7. Louisville (6)
8. Wisconsin (11)
9. Nebraska (5)
10. Florida (12)
11. Auburn (16)
12. Oklahoma (13)
13. Baylor (10)
14. West Virginia (8)
15. North Carolina (17)
16. LSU (18)
17. Western Michigan (19)
18. Florida State (15)
19. Colorado (21)
20. Utah (20)
21. Oklahoma State (24)
22. Virginia Tech (25)
23. Penn State (Un)
24. Washington State (Un)
25. Boise State (14)

Dropped:  Tennessee (22), Navy (23)

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