J3C College Football Top 25 (after week eleven)

Well that was a mess.

Alabama comes out of the weekend looking more and more like they deserve at least a first round bye, among the few teams in the upper echelon that came out of the weekend in one piece at all … Michigan, Washington, Clemson all drew the “Go Back Three Spaces” card and present a virtual reset opportunity for the playoff committee, and for me … It wasn’t much better for Auburn or Texas A&M or North Carolina or Virginia Tech or Baylor, most of whom had bad losses with the difference being that they had less at stake … A good day for quarterbacks making their first start for Ole Miss and Georgia Tech at least.

Oddly enough though, the damage to any one team with playoff hopes is likely minimized by the damage suffered by so many of the others.

In the end, far less change in the latest JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25 than the chaos might have been expected to produce (previous week J3C ranking follows their name)

1. Alabama (1)
2. Ohio State (5)
3. Michigan (2)
4. Clemson (4)
5. Louisville (6)
6. Wisconsin (7)
7. Washington (3)
8. Oklahoma (10)
9. Colorado (13)
10. West Virginia (11)
11. Utah (14)
12. Penn State (16)
13.Western Michigan (15)
14. Oklahoma State (17)
15. LSU (18)
16. USC (Un)
17. Florida (19)
18. Florida State (20)
19. Nebraska (21)
20. Washington State (22)
21. Auburn (8)
22. Texas A&M (9)
23. Boise State (25)
24. North Carolina (12)
25. San Diego State (Un)

Dropped:  Virginia Tech (23), Baylor (24)


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