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Ready To Rock (weekly playlists)

My final weekly playlist of 2016 has two new songs join the party to wind up the year.   My thanks to each & every one of you for reading, listening,and occasionally reaching out.  It’s appreciated.

Missing songs this week:

New to the Spotify list this week:
Erase- Disciple, Weight of the World – Crown The Empire

Dropping off the Spotify list this week:
Nightmare – Veracity, Break Me – One Less Reason

For the larger (nearly 200 songs) YouTube version there’s nearly a half dozen additions including new music from Stephen Pearcy (Ratt), a TFK album cut, a cool video for a cover song from State of Mine, and more.    You can find it at this link 

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… and the horse you rode in on

Ever had a friend that you just really feel the need to slap the shit out of?

Fair warning: considerably more profanity will probably ensue here.  If that’s a problem for you then it’s probably best that you stop right here.
{pause} {pause}  {pause}

That’s essentially my initial thought toward the now format-flipped Bulldog 93.3 here in Athens, GA.   I suspect a lot of their listeners are about as happy with them as I am right now, probably able to relate to my inclination.

After a month or so of “stunting” with Christmas music, the former active rock station has gone to what amounts to AAA, or Adult Album Alternative.   Gosh, wonder what I think of that move?

It’s a format that probably needs a different label.  Something along the lines of CLWFH maybe.
That’d be a more accurate description, if a bit unwieldy.  Candyassed Lightweight Worthless Fucking Horseshit would certainly be more descriptive if nothing else.

From a business perspective a couple of things have to be said here.  First, if you own it then you’re  largely free to do whatever you want with it.  I apply that to most all situations, it applies here too.
Next, radio is a hard cruel struggle these days and I can’t swear that there’s any way to make a real rock station particularly  financially attractive in a town with such a high percentage of safe-space, participation trophy loving twits.  In short, I don’t know whether there IS a magic formula that makes a rock station work in a place that might lack a sizable potential fanbase.   If the situation is bad enough then there is a time to cut your losses.

But as a listener, hell even just as a person with ears that work reasonably well, there’s the matter of HOW you wave that white flag.   And that’s what I take umbrage with.

Bulldog ownership already fired a torpedo into its own hull once, with a misbegotten attempt to create a classic rock station about a year ago.  That braindead experiment lasted, give or take, about a month before they reversed course.  I say braindead because attempting to clone something that a MUCH better situated station with almost infinite resources is already doing is a fool’s errand destined to failure.  Simply put, they weren’t going to “out-River” The River, and anyone with a handful of working brain cells knew that.   The misbegotten move also robbed the station of whatever momentum it might have had managed to gain since launching in June 2014.   It also illustrated a lack of commitment to the identity, to both listeners and advertisers, and breaking that trust is hardly ever a good move either.  Still, at least some portion of rock fans in the area tried to forgive, forget, and forge ahead in 2016.

That number included me, which in a roundabout way led to my interesting few months as one of three “guest reviewers” contributing to an album review segment that aired in their weekly Classic City Countdown show.   That was a good experience as a writer if for nothing other than it forced me to listen to some of the absolutely worst dreck I’ve heard in my life.  That really was good experience for me, since I had to find different ways to express dismay for what actually gets recorded at times.    The station gave me enormous leeway with that task, trusted my judgment (and ability to stay somewhere inside the broadly drawn lines), treated me with nothing but respect throughout, despite really not being sure of much more than me being an overaged rock enthusiast with a keyboard and opinions.  Whether it was the ops manager, the show producer, or my fellow reviewers, I have nothing but good feelings about that experience.  I thank them each and every one for that.

Alas, sometimes your friends end up in a mess not of their own making.   And if they’re standing in the middle of a manure pile then some splatter may be unavoidable.

That’s pretty much where things stand today.  I’ve known about the impending change for a month or so, have had plenty of time to internally debate what I might say afterwards.  (Yes, I’m pretty sure those that knew me figured full blast was coming).

The problem here — aside from the marketplace — strongly appears to be ownership.   The founder is badly overmatched by the sizable challenge in my opinion, and lacks the necessary commitment to overcome the odds.    That last bit is critical to me, as AC/DC noted “it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock n’ roll”.   Instead, self-indulgent specialty programming, a lack of creativity, a lack of courage to do anything other than follow the the mildest and meekest of paths, it simply doesn’t add up to success.

Then again neither does four formats in 2.5 years.  Active, to classic, back to active, to a Christmas stunt, to this useless fucking dreck.  I know attention spans are getting shorter but damn.   I could have had more respect for pretty much any decision than the one that was made.  It’s the very sort of worse than useless shit that I’ve now spent literally years railing against.   Better to have turned out the lights or burned the (figurative) building than to have done THIS.

This isn’t just “no longer rocking”, this is the antithesis of rock, propagating the cancerous alternacrap that has left the rock genre weakened & watered down to the point that its very survival is very legitimately questioned.

Bulldog 93.3 didn’t just quit, it joined the enemy.

It would have been better to have gone quietly across the rainbow bridge.

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Ready To Rock (weekly playlists)

Three new songs slip into my penultimate weekly Top 40 on Spotify for 2016.  It’ll jingle your bells.

Missing songs this week:

New to the Spotify list this week:
Oh My God- Pretty Reckless, I’m Not Laughing – Lacey Sturm, Fighter – Seasons After

Dropping off the Spotify list this week:
Anchor Me – Decyfer Down, Royals – Otep, Heart of War – Message From Sylvia

For the larger (nearly 200 songs) YouTube version there’s over a half dozen additions including the aforementioned Pretty Reckless and Lacey Sturm, Moonshine Bandits (f. Crucifix), and more.    You can find it at this link 

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Ready To Rock (weekly playlists)

The only new addition to my Weekly Top 40 on Spotify is actually a re-entry that briefly appeared two months ago.  Still, no shortage of rock and no better way to get your rock on while avoiding that nasty alternacrap.  It’s like preventative medicine.

Missing songs this week:

New to the Spotify list this week:
Heart of War – Message From Sylvia

Dropping off the Spotify list this week:
I Apologize – Five Finger Death Punch

For the larger (nearly 200 songs) YouTube version there’s over a half dozen additions including The Murder of My Sweet, In The Verse, Black Star Riders, and more.    You can find it at this link 

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Ready To Rock (weekly playlists)

Another week, another four enter/re-enter my Weekly Top 40 on Spotify.  Surprisingly busy this close to the end of the year, but I’m not going to complain about that one bit.

Missing songs this week:

New to the Spotify list this week:
A Little To Obvious – The Motorleague,  You Don’t Get Me High Anymore – Three Days Grace,  Wash Away – As We Ascend, This Light I Hold – Memphis May Fire (re-entry)

Dropping off the Spotify list this week:
Show Me A Leader – Alter Bridge, The Enforcer — Monster Truck, Stuck In Your Head – I Prevail, Stay With Me – Boiling Point

For the larger (nearly 200 songs) YouTube version there’s a dozen additions including the aforementioned Motorleague, the latest from Papa Roach and Black Stone Cherry, the rockin’ return of Ron Keel, album cuts from Thousand Foot Krutch and Parkway Drive,  and more.    You can find it at this link 

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J3C College Football Top 25 (after regular season)

Conference championship week.  Last chance for some teams to make their case, last chance for a few to be exposed.   Last chance for the eye test to be applied too.

This year, there were few surprises to be found.  Certainly not much surprise in the SEC, although I am actually surprised that Bama managed to give up that many points.  That could give Saban something to work on during the break, there were four other teams that held the Gators to 16 points or less after all … Clemson managed to make things closer than they probably ought to have been, not really surprising there either this season … Washington did surprise me, the margin was considerably more than I would have thought possible on a day when their passing didn’t really click (and that’s putting it mildly) … Have to give Penn State credit for a remarkable comeback win, but also have to ask a few questions about how Wisconsin managed to collapse so completely.  Seems only fair … Oklahoma got a big win, but may have gotten even more important news with the post-game announcement that their QB intends to return for his senior season … Western Michigan made things more interesting than they would have liked … Gratuitous Pun Warning:  Temple torpedoed Navy and sank the Middies dreams of sailing into a major bowl … South Alabama and Louisiana-Layfayette both got their sixth win of the season, helping us avoid having as many 5-7 teams in the upcoming bowls …

And that brings us to the end* (Army-Navy not withstanding), the last of college football before the bowls begin.  Oh, and that playoff thing too.  I should probably comment on that before I reveal my final rankings for a while.

I still don’t like the playoff.  I’d still prefer the old system, along with the saner number of bowls and consistent bowl connections.  I don’t believe there’s any reasonable doubt about who the best team in college football is to this point, I don’t believe there’d be any reasonable doubt about it after the bowls either.  But what I’d prefer isn’t what is, so while I compile my rankings on a week to week basis, I will acknowledge that the playoff system exists and say (just so there’s not any misunderstanding) that how I rank them here is how I believe they should be ranked for the actual playoff (which is being revealed as I’m typing this up,I’ve tried to avoid spoilers for the past hour or so).


I’ll wish you all the very happiest of holiday seasons (since I won’t be back with another poll until after both Christmas & New Year’s Day have passed) and now reveal my final regular season JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25  (previous week J3C ranking follows their name)

1. Alabama (1)
2. Ohio State (2)
3. Clemson (3)
4. Washington (4)
5. Penn State (9)
6. Michigan (5)
7. Oklahoma (8)
8. Wisconsin (6)
9. USC (13)
10. Florida State (11)
11. Colorado (7)
12. Western Michigan (12)
13. Oklahoma State (10)
14. West Virginia (14)
15. Stanford (16)
16. Auburn (17)
17. LSU (19)
18. Louisville (21)
19. Virginia Tech (18)
20. Temple (Un)
21. Florida (15)
22. Iowa (22)
23. Nebraska (23)
24. South Florida (24)
25. Pittsburgh (Un)

Dropped:  Navy (20), Utah (25)

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