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J3C College Football Poll (after week one)

Well it was certainly … eventful.

The first week of the college football season began by matching up my top two teams in the pre-season poll, hard to get more of a litmus test than that I suppose.  While the outcome might not be much of a shock, the devastating injury suffered by FSU’s star quarterback certainly was.  Not sure you could get a more impactful event in the opening week, unfortunately it’s the worst kind of impact … Ohio State looked rather pedestrian for a half, then flipped a switch and did that thing they seem to do … USC seemed to take a lesson from the team above them and did something similar, except perhaps against a better team … Michigan may have exposed the alleged improvements in Florida’s offense as a mirage … UCLA managed the second largest second half comeback in NCAA history, yet somehow Kevin Sumlin is still employed by Texas A&M … Georgia suffered an injury loss at quarterback while beating up but I’m not sure many teams were better positioned to handle the situation … And then there’s the Tennessee-Georgia Tech “thing”.  For the Vols there was resilience shown on offense while concerns have to remain about a defense that’s been pushed around a lot in their past half dozen games.  For the Jackets the bright spot of a record-breaking performance by a new QB was eclipsed by the nausea-inducing “kicking” (if you can even call it that), the inability to make defensive adjustments, the inability to avoid turnovers.  After such a major collapse it’s hard to avoid fearing that the word “inability” will be one that is associated with the team frequently this season.

Regardless, we have to start somewhere, so it’s time to unveil the 2017 Preseason edition of JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25.     (last week’s J3C follows their name)

  1. Alabama (1)
  2. Ohio State (3)
  3. Oklahoma (5)
  4. USC (4)
  5. Clemson (7)
  6. Washington (6)
  7. Penn State (8)
  8. Michigan (9)
  9. Oklahoma State (10)
  10. Wisconsin (11)
  11. Florida State (2)
  12. Auburn (12)
  13. LSU (13)
  14. Stanford (14)
  15. Miami (15)
  16. Georgia (17)
  17. Virginia Tech (20)
  18. Kansas State (18)
  19. Louisville (19)
  20. Washington State (23)
  21. Utah (25)
  22. South Florida (22)
  23. Colorado (Un)
  24. West Virginia (21)
  25. Florida (15)

 Dropped:  Texas (24) 


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