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J3C College Football Top 25 (after week two)

Given several of the big name matchups, you’d think it would make for a busy week of changes in my poll.

You’d be wrong.

Alabama dispatched another opponent with ease, no change needed there … I already had Oklahoma right on Ohio State’s heels, so the “upset” win wasn’t really that big an upset in my eyes … USC notches a nice enough win over a ranked opponent but they aren’t passing the other teams ahead of them on the basis of it … Clemson did about what I’d have expected, except with less offense, that isn’t going to shuffle things … Georgia beat a somewhat overrated team on the road, it’s a nice win with a first-time starter at QB but it isn’t perception changing either … Auburn and Stanford were ranked teams that lost but not in a fashion that calls for major downgrades … Four of my Top 25 teams didn’t play due to weather cancellations … when all is said & done, I’m not sure there was anything here that stands out as a big surprise, leading to a week that had more potential impact on paper than in reality.

For my personal interests, both GT and Ole Miss started slow before pulling away from overmatched opponents while Tennessee avoided the slow start and did what any P5 team should do against the same opponent.   Certainly beats losing but I had more fun watching young friends do well in a D-III game if you want to know the truth.

With minimal changes, here’s the least JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25.     (last week’s J3C ranking follows their name)

  1. Alabama (1)
  2. Oklahoma (3)
  3. USC (4)
  4. Clemson (5)
  5. Washington (6)
  6. Penn State (7)
  7. Michigan (8)
  8. Oklahoma State (9)
  9. Ohio State (2)
  10. Wisconsin (10)
  11. Florida State (11)
  12. LSU (12)
  13.  Virginia Tech (17)
  14. Georgia (16)
  15. Miami (15)
  16. Auburn (12)
  17. Kansas State (18)
  18. Louisville (19)
  19. Stanford (14)
  20. Washington State (20)
  21. Colorado (23)
  22. Utah (21)
  23. South Florida (22)
  24. West Virginia (24)
  25. Oregon (Un)

Dropped:  Florida (25)


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