J3C College Football Top 25 (after week three)

“They’re who we thought they were”.   Or, you know, maybe not.

Surprise, non-surprises, and some that were supposedly surprises but maybe really weren’t.  Those are the tales of the most recent college football weekend.

Alabama, Oklahoma, Washington, and Penn State were among the teams that provided little in the way of drama.  Just another day at the office … USC, on the other hand, left folks scratching their heads suddenly, as did Michigan (but only for a half) … There’s certainly no shortage of surprise (outside of Starkville) for the way Mississippi State demolished LSU … the difference was far less dramatic for Stanford but I’m not sure the current state of the Cardinal overall isn’t more surprising than an LSU underachievement …  Not sure Auburn isn’t on the verge of being one of 2017’s biggest disappointments, yesterday’s struggles were a decidedly not-good look … And then there are the “surprises” that really weren’t surprising to me at all, starting with Clemson’s domination of Louisville.   My feelings on how overrated both ‘ville and their star have been are not a secret … I’m less surprised to find out that UCLA doesn’t belong in the Top 25 (hey, look who wasn’t in mine last week in the first place) … I’m only a little surprised by Vandy over K-State, maybe more than a little but not truly shocked either …

And I’m not at all shocked that Tennessee found a way to appear dramatically undercoached AND undertalented at too many positions … nor that Ole Miss wilted on the road, as their star QB showed his bad side, and not for the first time … as a fan I’m honestly just relieved that Georgia Tech ended up with an unexpected weekend off.

With every week, we learn more about who is, who isn’t, and who never was.  So here’s the new JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25.     (last week’s J3C ranking follows their name)

  1. Alabama (1)
  2. Oklahoma (2)
  3. Clemson (4)
  4. USC (4)
  5. Washington (6)
  6. Penn State (7)
  7. Oklahoma State (8)
  8. Michigan (7)
  9. Ohio State (9)
  10. Wisconsin (10)
  11. Florida State (11)
  12. Virginia Tech (13)
  13. Georgia (14)
  14. Miami (15)
  15. Mississippi State (Un)
  16. TCU (Un)
  17. Auburn (16)
  18. Washington State (20)
  19. Utah (22)
  20. Colorado (21)
  21. South Florida (22)
  22. West Virginia (24)
  23. Oregon (25)
  24. LSU (12)
  25.  Louisville (18)

Dropped:  Kansas State (17), Stanford (19)


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