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J3C College Football Top 25 (after week six)

Pop. Pop. Pop.

That’s the sound of bubbles bursting around college football yesterday, the sort of day when I once again question why anyone thought there was a need to expand from two teams to four for any sort of playoff, much less why anyone would want to expand beyond that.

Oklahoma lays an enormous egg, which gets scrambled, fried, and poached by a walk-on QB … Michigan wishes they HAD a walk-on QB …. I’d hate to be Bama’s players in practice this week after they decided to sleepwalk for a fair chunk of a game … Is it really only a month since Auburn scuffled hard to beat Mercer at home?  I can’t recall a team getting such a turnaround by simply cutting a backup QB off their roster, but it’s hard to not notice the difference … Miami beats FSU in a painful fashion, hard to watch for both ‘Noles fans and for fans of decent QB play … I honestly don’t know how it’s even possible to be as tragic offensively as the other Florida team in the P5 though, losing to LSU right now has to officially put at least a small warming tray under the seat of any head coach … After seeing what happens with backup QBs, I have to figure Clemson is breathing a sigh of relief, pending the recovery of their starter …  Ole Miss is now officially a dumpster fire, Knoxville remains fully engulfed as well despite an off week.

All in all, a rather dreary season for me continues unabated, so here’s the latest JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25.     (last week’s J3C ranking follows their name)

  1. Alabama (1)
  2. Clemson (2)
  3. Washington (4)
  4. Penn State (5)
  5. Georgia (6)
  6. TCU (10)
  7. Wisconsin (9)
  8. Ohio State (8)
  9. Washington State (11)
  10. Auburn (14)
  11. Oklahoma State (13)
  12. Miami (12)
  13. USC (15)
  14. Oklahoma (3)
  15. South Florida (16)
  16. Virginia Tech (17)
  17. NC State (21)
  18. San Diego State (22)
  19. Michigan (7)
  20. UCF (24)
  21. Notre Dame (Un)
  22. Stanford (Un)
  23. Texas Tech (Un)
  24. Michigan State (Un)
  25. Navy (Un)

Dropped:  Utah (18), West Virginia (19), Louisville (20), Florida (23), Oregon (25)


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