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J3C College Football Top 25 (after week ten)

Will everyone who doesn’t want to get embarrassed in the final four playoff please take a giant step backwards?  Okay, thanks.

Some of you others still in line may want to think about doing the same, we’ll give you another opportunity soon.

It was that kind of weekend for college football pretenders.  Let’s be honest though, you might have gotten better odds on Iowa not scoring 55 points in their remaining games than on them hanging that number on tOSU … Penn State was already in the 2nd row, they decided to step back even farther … Here’s a curiosity to consider:  Georgia and Alabama both won by identical scores, and in similar fashion.  Bama played the presumably better of the two opponents, so why do I feel like UGA narrowed the gap between the two teams instead of having it grow? … Similarly, Clemson & Wisconsin both did what they needed to do, yet I feel a little better about Clemson and a little worse about Wisky … Bedlam was certainly exciting, so why do I think there’s an extremely good chance TCU knocks off OU next weekend? … Georgia Tech did Georgia Tech things … Tennessee did something or other … Ole Miss earned an exciting, if honestly meaningless win, at least they won’t be winless for the conference season.

And, with that, time to give you a look at the latest JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25.     (last week’s J3C ranking follows their name)

  1. Alabama (1)
  2. Georgia (2)
  3. Notre Dame (4)
  4. Clemson (6)
  5. Wisconsin (5)
  6. Oklahoma (8)
  7. TCU (9)
  8. Miami (11)
  9. Washington (12)
  10. USC (16)
  11. UCF (15)
  12. Auburn (18)
  13. Ohio State (3)
  14. Oklahoma State (10)
  15. Michigan State (23)
  16. Penn State (7)
  17. Washington State (24)
  18. Virginia Tech (13)
  19. Mississippi State (19)
  20. Memphis (21)
  21. West Virginia (Un)
  22. South Florida (25)
  23. Iowa (Un)
  24. Iowa State (14)
  25. NC State (20)

Dropped: Stanford (17), Arizona (23)


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