J3C College Football Top 25 (after week eleven)

Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

College football managed to avoid going full-Ghostbusters over the weekend, but it certainly came close.

Alabama had to come up big in the end to avoid complete CFB chaos but it definitely cutting things closer than any team would like … Georgia, not so lucky.   Thoroughly manhandled by Auburn for the vast majority of the game, that there’s more work to be done would have been difficult to make any clearer … Notre Dame managed to give a far worse accounting for themselves against Miami though, and suddenly that “best loss” doesn’t matter a whole lot … Miami, conversely, raised their stock by dominating a supposedly upper echelon team … Wisconsin, uh, well they beat perhaps the most perplexing team in college football.  Talk about one week to the next, sheesh … Then again, maybe Michigan State is the more perplexing team among the cast of Big Ten.  At least with Iowa we knew the offensive outburst was probably a fluke.  Not sure anyone saw Sparty getting completely embarrassed by a seemingly dead and buried tOSU … Someday we’ll look back on 2017 and think “wait, so there was a point where Washington was considered an actual contender? Srsly? ” … Georgia Tech couldn’t quite manage to Tech themselves against the other Tech and kept their bowl hopes alive … Tennessee played dead in the second half and that finally appears to have been the final straw for ol’ Butch … Ole Miss overwhelmed an overmatched opponent, which might be the worst possible outcome since it gives non-football types a chance to promote the even more overmatched nice guy that has the interim coach tag

And there’s still three weekends of mayhem to go, but for now, let’s take another crack at revising my JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25.     (last week’s J3C ranking follows their name)

  1. Alabama (1)
  2. Clemson (4)
  3. Miami (8)
  4. Oklahoma (7)
  5. Wisconsin (5)
  6. Auburn (12)
  7. Georgia (2)
  8. Ohio State (13)
  9. Penn State (16)
  10. Notre Dame (3)
  11. USC (10)
  12. UCF (11)
  13. TCU (7)
  14. Oklahoma State (14)
  15. Washington (9)
  16. Washington State (17)
  17. Memphis (20)
  18. Mississippi State (19)
  19. South Florida (22)
  20. Michigan (Un)
  21. West Virginia (21)
  22. Stanford (Un)
  23. NC State (23)
  24. Michigan State (15)
  25. Virginia Tech (18)

Dropped: Iowa State (23), Iowa (24)


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