J3C College Football Top 25 (after week twelve)

 Not a good week for college football if you’re dieting, ’cause it’s Cupcake Week.

The top two had obvious desserts and handled them accordingly … Oklahoma had a less obvious one but roughly the same calorie count … Miami added empty calories for a half before getting back to the plan … Wisconsin did likewise before getting back to their bland diet … Notre Dame and Mississippi State gave themselves heartburn but ended up largely unscathed … Oklahoma State, West Virginia, and NC State overdid it and spent the night going through the medicine cabinet trying to find relief … Georgia Tech had one of those all-too-familiar days and hopefully are at least embarrassed about it … Tennessee did about what you could expect at this point … Ole Miss gave yet another lesson in why they need an actual head coach instead of the current substitute … All in all, a rather bland week, more like TV dinner than holiday spectacular, but that’s what the next couple of weeks are for anyway.

So before we gather for the feat, here’s the latest JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25.     (last week’s J3C ranking follows their name)

  1. Alabama (1)
  2. Clemson (2)
  3. Miami (3)
  4. Oklahoma (4)
  5. Wisconsin (5)
  6. Auburn (6)
  7. Georgia (7)
  8. Ohio State (8)
  9. Penn State (9)
  10. Notre Dame (10)
  11. USC (11)
  12. UCF (12)
  13. TCU (13)
  14. Washington (15)
  15. Washington State (16)
  16. Memphis (17)
  17. Mississippi State (18)
  18. South Florida (19)
  19. Stanford (22)
  20. Oklahoma State (14)
  21. Michigan State (24)
  22. Boise State (Un)
  23. LSU (Un)
  24. Michigan (20)
  25. Virginia Tech (25)

Dropped: West Virginia (21), NC State (23)


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