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J3C College Football Top 25 (after week five)

Last week I felt like I knew more than I did before the weekend, and gained clarity.
This week I feel like I know more again … so why am I less certain?

I’m a believer in the importance of the “eye test”.  What you see IS, more often that not, reality.   But what about when you aren’t sure what you’re seeing?  Or why?

Such is the case with the Clemson Tigers so far.   They’ve shown an ability in the past to flip the switch when needed, so a certain amount of ho-hum appearance doesn’t concern me.  The unshakable feeling that their superstar QB isn’t quite himself however … that’s a different matter.  Worse still when I don’t think I can account for why he’s off / what’s off.   An ugly win is one thing, an ugly win that feels like more than “just an off day” is something different.

Elsewhere, Bama did Bama things (and some NON-Bama things too), Oklahoma video gamed a so-so team, Ohio State video gamed a bad team.  The Pac12 continued to eat itself.  Georgia Tech found new ways to embarrass themselves, while Tennessee held BYE in check better than expected.

And with that, I have to do … something.   But what?   I guess the answer lies in the newly updated JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25.     (last week’s ranking follows their name)

  1. Alabama (2)
  2. Clemson (1)
  3. Oklahoma (3)
  4. LSU (4)
  5. Georgia (5)
  6. Ohio State (6)
  7. Auburn (7)
  8. Wisconsin (8)
  9. Florida (9)
  10. Texas (10)
  11. Notre Dame (11)
  12. Penn State (12)
  13. Oregon (13)
  14. Iowa (14)
  15. Boise State (18)
  16. Washington (19)
  17. Utah (20)
  18. Wake Forest (Un)
  19. Michigan (23)
  20. SMU (24)
  21. Oklahoma State (Un)
  22. Arizona State (Un)
  23. Virginia (16)
  24. UCF (Un)
  25. Michigan State (Un)

Dropped out: Texas A&M (15), Kansas State (17),USC (21), California (22),Washington State (25)

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J3C College Football Top 25 (after week three)

Week three of the college football season has come and gone, with relatively little fanfare.

For the first time in nearly two years there was a weekend with no national Top 25 matchups so the lack of hype and glamour was kind of to be expected.  Unlike last time though all the major players came through without falling victim to an upset.  Which means this sort of feels largely like a weekend that came and went without much happening.

Ole Miss proves that they’re a contender … if they played in the Southland Conference
Tennessee proves that they’re at least a solid middle of the pack team … in the Southern Conference
Georgia Tech proves that they aren’t as well coached or as talented as the lower echelon of the same Southern Conference.   I’d rather not hear another word out of the used car salesman they have masquerading as a head coach for at least the remainder of the season.

Another week in the books, another week with little more than minor rearranging in the lower decks, but that’s still technically a new JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25.     (last week’s ranking follows their name)

  1. Clemson (1)
  2. Alabama (2)
  3. Georgia (3)
  4. Oklahoma (4)
  5. LSU (5)
  6. Ohio State (6)
  7. Notre Dame (7)
  8. Auburn (8)
  9. Utah (11)
  10. Michigan (10)
  11. Florida (9)
  12. Texas (12)
  13. Wisconsin (14)
  14. Penn State (13)
  15. Texas A&M (15)
  16. Washington State (16)
  17. Oregon (17)
  18. UCF (18)
  19. Iowa (20)
  20. Washington (21)
  21. California (Un)
  22. Arizona State (Un)
  23. Virginia (24)
  24. Kansas State (Un)
  25. Temple (Un)

Dropped out: Michigan State (19),Maryland (22), USC (23),Iowa State (25)

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J3C College Football Top 25 (after week two)

Does week two have a bit of “sophomore jinx” this year?

Not in the sense that a lot of upsets occurred or unexpected poor performances, but rather more in the sense of feeling a little … lackluster.

Three ranked teams lost this week but none of those were overly surprising to me, though ASU vs Sparty felt like a toss up and that’s about what it turned out to be … Most ranked teams did what you’d expect against significantly weaker opponents, Clemson found life to be more interesting than they anticipated/hoped for … While not particularly relevant to anything in the big picture, my own teams of interest were at least, well, interesting (though not all for good reasons) … Ole Miss puts up a basketball score on SIU, while letting the Salukis figuratively shoot the lights out for a half … Georgia Tech got the result I expected, just not entirely in the manner I figured.   I didn’t figure USF would need the predictable collapse to win outright … Tennessee let a weaker opponent (which are kinda tough for them to find) hang around for a little while before doing what they ought to do in that situation.

Mostly though, my football weekend was highlighted by a trip to see some of my family’s favorite people as Washington & Lee faced DIII rival Sewanee.  Good times, great people, and a handy win.  Hard to beat that for a football outing.

With relatively few changes, here’s the latest update of JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25.     (last week’s ranking follows their name)

  1. Alabama (1)
  2. Clemson (2)
  3. Wisconsin (3)
  4. Georgia (4)
  5. Ohio State (5)
  6. Oklahoma (6)
  7. Notre Dame (7)
  8. Auburn (8)
  9. Stanford (9)
  10. Washington (10)
  11. LSU (11)
  12. Penn State (12)
  13. TCU (13)
  14. Mississippi State (14)
  15. Virginia Tech (16)
  16. West Virginia (18)
  17. Boise State (19)
  18. Oklahoma State (21)
  19. Michigan (20)
  20. USC (17)
  21. Miami (21)
  22. UCF (22)
  23. Boston College (23)
  24. Oregon (Un)
  25. Arizona State (Un)

Dropped: Michigan State (15), South Carolina (24)

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J3C College Football Top 25 (after week four)

A thorough beatdown, the end of a ignominious streak, a bizarre finish.   Basically just another week in college football.

Alabama does nothing to damage their current status … Stanford wasn’t so fortunate, escaping with a win that wasn’t befitting of the ranking they brought into the game with me … Michigan made it look easy … Clemson still hasn’t played four full quarters, though they did come closer this week … Louisville won big and with relative ease but provided better teams some interesting game film to watch … Wisconsin burst Michigan State’s bubble in convincing fashion, while putting a little more air into their own … Texas A&M owes their defense a lot of credit … Ole Miss finally played four quarters, or at least more than enough of four to leave Bulldawg Nation wondering what they really have on the roster … Winning cures all ills, no truer place for that adage than Knoxville,where the end of the losing streak to Florida will quiet some very deserving questions about how a team could look so utterly & completely inept for an entire half before finding a season/coach saving miracle …  If there’s a stranger ending to a game this year than Auburn’s win over LSU then I’m not sure it can happen without involving a band on the field … and the best thing about Georgia Tech playing on Thursday night might be that, by Saturday, you can almost forget it ever happened.

With more results to provide perspective on some previous wins & losses, here’s the new JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25 after week three.   (previous week J3C ranking follows their name)

1.  Alabama (1)
2. Ohio State (3)
3. Michigan (4)
4. Clemson (5)
5. Louisville (6)
6. Stanford (2)
7. Houston (7)
8. Texas A&M (10)
9. Wisconsin (11)
10. Washington (9)
11. Florida State (12)
12. Baylor (14)
13. Nebraska (16)
14. Miami (17)
15. Tennessee (18)
16. Ole Miss (23)
17. Michigan State (8)
18. Arkansas (15)
19. TCU (19)
20. Oklahoma (20)
21. San Diego State (24)
22. Utah (21)
23. Arizona State (Un)
24. Georgia (13)
25. West Virginia (Un)

Dropped: LSU (22), California (25)

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J3C College Football Top 25 (after Week 6 )

Who’s number one?  Could the actual answer be … nobody?

One of the more perplexing seasons I can recall continued this weekend, without a lot of upsets at the top but also continuing to lack in terms of particularly impressive performances either.   Ohio State continues to have long stretches of what is either cruise control OR hints of vulnerability.  But which is it? … Baylor keeps rolling right along, but has their arena ball style actually faced an actual threat yet?  Who knows? … Is this edition of the Clemson Tigers truly different from its predecessors?   Is Utah for real, or is the rest of the Pac-10 simply not quite what a lot of people thought?   And will we really ever be sure of the answer to that question before bowl season? …
Closer to home I’m as bewildered as anyone how Georgia managed to blow a 21 point lead and lose in Knoxville … After getting destroyed by Clemson on Saturday Georgia Tech is now mired in their longest losing streak since 1996, their worst start in the ACC since 1994.  With injuries piling up there may not be a lot of relief in sight either.  For once I agree with Paul Johnson, “inept” is a pretty good description of this team … On a positive note, a tip of the cap to Big Ten Freshman of the Week Shannon Brooks, the Minnesota running back is very quickly solidifying his claim to being the most successful athlete in the history of my high school alma mater.

As much as ever I’m almost tempted to vacate the top spot and leave it blank but I suppose that doesn’t really work so I’ll stick with my best shot for the latest JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25 (last week’s ranking follows their name)

1.  Ohio State (1)
2. Baylor (3)
3. LSU (5)
4. Clemson (6)
5. Michigan State (2)
6. TCU (4)
7. Florida State (7)
8. Utah (9)
9. Alabama (8)
10. Texas A&M (10)
11. Stanford (13)
12. Florida (15)
13. Notre Dame (16)
14. Ole Miss (17)
15. Michigan (18)
16. UCLA (19)
17. Oklahoma State (20)
18. Iowa (23)
19. Oklahoma (11)
20. Northwestern (12)
21. Houston (Un)
22. California (22)
23. Boise State (Un)
24. Duke (25)
25. Arizona State (25)

Dropped out: USC (14), Georgia (21)

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J3C College Football Top 25 (after Week 5 )

I assume college football programs buy in bulk because the enormous cans of whoopass that some of them opened on Saturday would have been awfully expensive otherwise.

Might as well start with the biggest shock in the SEC.   Nobody, and I mean nobody, had legitimate reason to expect what Florida did to Ole Miss.  Give them a game?  Okay, I might have bought that.  But to take them to the woodshed and make them cut their own switch on the way?   Shocking … That outcome relegates what Alabama did to Georgia to also-ran status.  That was far more predictable frankly, although even I thought the Mutts might at least show up.  They didn’t.  I hope CMR stays there forever … Ohio State and Michigan State almost added themselves to the list of rudely victimized teams but avoided losses that would have been devastating.  Both certainly opened up room for some doubt though … LSU has to hope that they got their one bad half out of the way on Saturday.  They have quite possibly the best player in the country, unclear whether they have much else however … Notre Dame almost turned Clemson into Clemson, this time the Tigers overcame their tendency for collapse.  Is this the year they finally avoid being, well, Clemson? … A week off leaves Utah sitting pretty out west, if they can run the table then their path to the playoffs might be secure … Tennessee did what Tennessee does, they just didn’t bother with the whole wait ’til the second half to collapse portion.   Barring an enormous turnaround I see the end of the Butch Jones era coming possibly as early as the end of the year, certainly before the end of next season.   Just because the dumpster fire isn’t burning as brightly doesn’t mean there isn’t still a fire … Georgia Tech continues to solidify their status as a mediocre team and program, cementing last year as a fluke.   CPJ and staff still can’t recruit, still can’t coach up, still show no sign of making the team anything more an occasional footnote.  The problem isn’t the offensive scheme, it’s the people running it.

The list of confirmed pretenders grows, the list of contenders shrinks a bit and we shuffle ’em up in the latest JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25 (last week’s ranking follows their name)

1.  Ohio State (1)
2. Michigan State (2)
3. Baylor (3)
4. TCU (4)
5. LSU (6)
6. Clemson (9)
7. Florida State (7)
8. Alabama (11)
9. Utah (13)
10. Texas A&M (15)
11. Oklahoma (14)
12. Northwestern (16)
13. Stanford (17)
14. USC (18)
15. Florida (Un)
16. Notre Dame (5)
17. Ole Miss (17)
18. Michigan (20)
19. UCLA (10)
20. Oklahoma State (21)
21. Georgia (12)
22. California (24)
23. Iowa (Un)
24. Duke (25)
25. Arizona State (Un)

Dropped out: Wisconsin (18), Mississippi State (22), West Virginia (23)

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