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J3C College Football Top 25 (after week eleven)

Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

College football managed to avoid going full-Ghostbusters over the weekend, but it certainly came close.

Alabama had to come up big in the end to avoid complete CFB chaos but it definitely cutting things closer than any team would like … Georgia, not so lucky.   Thoroughly manhandled by Auburn for the vast majority of the game, that there’s more work to be done would have been difficult to make any clearer … Notre Dame managed to give a far worse accounting for themselves against Miami though, and suddenly that “best loss” doesn’t matter a whole lot … Miami, conversely, raised their stock by dominating a supposedly upper echelon team … Wisconsin, uh, well they beat perhaps the most perplexing team in college football.  Talk about one week to the next, sheesh … Then again, maybe Michigan State is the more perplexing team among the cast of Big Ten.  At least with Iowa we knew the offensive outburst was probably a fluke.  Not sure anyone saw Sparty getting completely embarrassed by a seemingly dead and buried tOSU … Someday we’ll look back on 2017 and think “wait, so there was a point where Washington was considered an actual contender? Srsly? ” … Georgia Tech couldn’t quite manage to Tech themselves against the other Tech and kept their bowl hopes alive … Tennessee played dead in the second half and that finally appears to have been the final straw for ol’ Butch … Ole Miss overwhelmed an overmatched opponent, which might be the worst possible outcome since it gives non-football types a chance to promote the even more overmatched nice guy that has the interim coach tag

And there’s still three weekends of mayhem to go, but for now, let’s take another crack at revising my JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25.     (last week’s J3C ranking follows their name)

  1. Alabama (1)
  2. Clemson (4)
  3. Miami (8)
  4. Oklahoma (7)
  5. Wisconsin (5)
  6. Auburn (12)
  7. Georgia (2)
  8. Ohio State (13)
  9. Penn State (16)
  10. Notre Dame (3)
  11. USC (10)
  12. UCF (11)
  13. TCU (7)
  14. Oklahoma State (14)
  15. Washington (9)
  16. Washington State (17)
  17. Memphis (20)
  18. Mississippi State (19)
  19. South Florida (22)
  20. Michigan (Un)
  21. West Virginia (21)
  22. Stanford (Un)
  23. NC State (23)
  24. Michigan State (15)
  25. Virginia Tech (18)

Dropped: Iowa State (23), Iowa (24)


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J3C College Football Top 25 (after week three)

Resiliency, lackluster performances, a few shocks, and some “upsets” that may not have been.

Alabama gets some odd style points for the manner of their comeback win but in the back of my mind I wonder how strong a positive that is since it came against the first ranked team in history  to blow three touchdown leads TWICE in the same season … Stanford didn’t disappoint in their handling of Southern Cal, nor did Ohio State in their win over Oklahoma … This week found Michigan and Houston both taking their turn at starting slow and finishing fast … Similar to Alabama’s predicament is actually Louisville.  QB Lamar Jackson is certainly impressive but what to make of an FSU team who’s big win thus far is over a team most notable so far this season for their 2nd half collapses? … Wisconsin goes on the list of teams that narrowly avoided a disastrous upset loss, while Iowa is an upset victim although frankly I’m not sure that North Dakota State beating them is really THAT big of an upset … Tennessee overcame injuries that depleted their defense and an OL that remains highly suspect, while Georgia Tech did what even a decent team should do and steamrolled Vandy …

With more results to provide perspective on some previous wins & losses, here’s the new JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25 after week three.   (previous week J3C ranking follows their name)

1.  Alabama (1)
2. Stanford (2)
3. Ohio State (4)
4. Michigan (5)
5. Clemson (7)
6. Louisville (13)
7. Houston (6)
8. Michigan State (8)
9. Washington (9)
10. Texas A&M (17)
11. Wisconsin (11)
12. Florida State (3)
13. Georgia (15)
14. Baylor (21)
15. Arkansas (23)
16. Nebraska (Un)
17. Miami (Un)
18. Tennessee (19)
19. TCU (25)
20. Oklahoma (14)
21. Utah (22)
22. LSU (24)
23. Ole Miss (20)
24. San Diego State (Un)
25. California (Un)

Dropped: Texas (10), Iowa (12), Oregon (16), Notre Dame (18)

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J3C College Football Top 25 (after week two)


A relatively quiet college football weekend, although not without an interesting moment or three.

Most of my Top 10 took care of business in expected fashion, or even enjoyed an early season week off.  The exceptions however cannot be feeling all that great going into the new week.

Clemson looked remarkably pedestrian for a second week in a row, while Georgia made Nichols State look more like LSU … Meanwhile teams that looked bad in their opener managed to look better for at least parts of their second week.   Tennessee awoke after one quarter to pull off a rout of Va Tech in front of the largest crowd in college football history while Arkansas had a lapse toward the end but upset TCU in overtime, big wins for two teams that looked to have been overrated to start the year (and may in fact still have been) … A heartbreaker for BYU against Utah is one thing but an outright travesty of inept officiating costs Oklahoma State dearly against Central Michigan … Ole Miss wins to make my son 1-0 in home games as a college student while Georgia Tech won but failed to particularly impress me in the process … And special attention this week to DIII Washington & Lee who trailed 17-0 before scoring 21 unanswered in the fourth quarter to beat homestanding Sewanee.  It was great fun to see in person two young men that I’ve known for a number of years and watched since middle school play at the next level, even more privileged to have shared the day with their family and friends.

With more shuffling than actual change, here’s the nw JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25 after week two.   (previous week J3C ranking follows their name)

1.  Alabama (1)
2. Stanford (2)
3. Florida State (3)
4. Ohio State (5)
5. Michigan (6)
6. Houston (7)
7. Clemson (4)
8. Michigan State (8)
9. Washington (9)
10. Texas (13)
11. Wisconsin (14)
12. Iowa (12)
13. Louisville (13)
14. Oklahoma (15)
15. Georgia (10)
16. Oregon (18)
17. Texas A&M (22)
18. Notre Dame (19)
19. Tennessee (21)
20. Ole Miss (20)
21. Baylor (17)
22. Utah (23)
23. Arkansas (Un)
24. LSU (24)
25. TCU (11)
Dropped: North Carolina (25)

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J3C College Football Top 25 (after week one)


Well that certainly made a mess of things, didn’t it?

The opening weekend of college football certainly brought more than its fair share of upsets, as well as exposure of the overrated.   When the smoke cleared, it was hard for me to avoid feeling like it might be a year for ranking #1 and then just giving out spots 2-24 to “The Field”.

Alabama certainly solidified there claim on the top spot but after that, there were probably more teams with serious concerns than with cause for celebration.

The Tide put the Hurts on USC … Stanford benefits from having an incredibly dynamic star … Florida State at least showed resilience after a pedestrian first half … Clemson looked extremely vulnerable, unless we’re to believe that Auburn is far better than expected … Ohio State & Michigan simply avoided major missteps … Houston certainly put themselves in a fantastic position for a playoff berth, I see maybe only three legitimate challenges to an unbeaten regular season for them now … Texas elevated themselves considerably but can they sustain that over time … Tennessee and LSU are certainly among the exposed group … and at this point I’m wondering whether there will be many opportunities to say anything positive about my lifelong favorite Georgia Tech other than the occasional “well, at least they didn’t lose this week”.

After parsing all the carnage, here’s what’s left of the JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25 after week one.   (preseason J3C ranking follows their name)

1.  Alabama (1)
2. Stanford (4)
3. Florida State (6)
4. Clemson (2)
5. Ohio State (5)
6. Michigan (7)
7. Houston (14)
8. Michigan State (10)
9. Washington (16)
10. Georgia (17)
11. TCU (11)
12. Iowa (19)
13. Texas (Un)
14. Wisconsin (25)
15. Oklahoma (3)
16. Louisville (21)
17. Baylor (Un)
18. Oregon (Un)
19.  Notre Dame (11)
20. Ole Miss (9)
21.  Tennessee (13)
22. Texas A&M (Un)
23. Utah (23)
24. LSU (8)
25. North Carolina (18)

Dropped: USC (15), Oklahoma State (20),UCLA (22), Arkansas (24)

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J3C College Football Poll (2016 pre-season)

Finally … the poll … has come back … to the blog.

For the seventh consecutive year, it is indeed time for my weekly College Football Top 25 to return.   Part art, part science, part instinct, only a relatively small part math, it’s my eyeball of the overall.  A combination of (perceived) ability, performance, and positioning. While many of the names are in familiar positions, it’s also a year of possible change.

Five teams in the poll were unranked by me at the end of last season.  While seven teams are making their seventh straight appearance in my preseason rankings, three others (Tennessee, Houston, Utah) are ranked in week zero for the first time.  One team (Oregon) starts the season unranked for the first time in all my lists, despite being one of only three teams (along with Alabama and FSU) to be ranked in every final poll of the past six years.

This is my poll.  There are many like it but this one is mine.

So without further ado, let’s reveal the 2016 Preseason edition of JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25.     (final 2015 J3C ranking follows their name)

  1. Alabama (1)
  2. Clemson (2)
  3. Oklahoma (5)
  4. Stanford (3)
  5. Ohio State (4)
  6. Florida State (14)
  7. Michigan (12)
  8. LSU (18)
  9. Ole Miss (9)
  10. Michigan State (7)
  11. Notre Dame (11)
  12. TCU (6)
  13. Tennessee (22)
  14. Houston (8)
  15. USC (Un)
  16. Washington (Un)
  17. Georgia (Un)
  18. North Carolina (15)
  19. Iowa (10)
  20. Oklahoma State (20)
  21. Louisville (Un)
  22. UCLA (Un)
  23. Utah (17)
  24. Arkansas (25)
  25. Wisconsin (19)

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J3C College Football Top 25 (after Week 4 )

Offenses ahead of defenses, alleged contenders crashing back to full-fledged pretender status, a couple of impressive performances.  Kind of like a standard Saturday really.

Neither Ohio State nor Michigan State were overwhelming against mid-major opponents but they were more than enough … TCU only needed a last minute tip to remain unbeaten, not a huge surprise to me honestly … Notre Dame & LSU both started a bit slow but finished strong enough to pull away.  Credit Syracuse for a much more game performance than I expected …  Ole Miss played like a team looking past their opponent but they stayed in that mode more than I’d be entirely comfortable with if they were my team … UCLA laid the smack down on Arizona but Utah brought the jumbo can of whoopass and poured it all over Oregon to score the most impressive win in the west … Oklahoma State might have been the luckiest winner of the weekend … BYU stunk up a stadium more unexpectedly than perhaps anybody … Tennessee may be settling into the sad realization that it doesn’t have the coach it will take to get them beyond mediocrity.  Young team has to learn how to win but I’m not alone in doubting they have the staff on hand to teach them … Georgia Tech is simply what they tend to be: pretenders.   Last year was a fluke, fun but not something you should expect more than on rare occasions …

No shortage of movement this week but is there a legitimate threat among the newcomers or climbers?   Jury is still very much out on that but I do have a certain sense that maybe the top of the pack is falling back towards the middle instead of the other way around.   Regardless, it’s time for the latest JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25 (last week’s ranking follows their name)

1.  Ohio State (1)
2. Michigan State (2)
3. Baylor (4)
4. TCU (3)
5. Notre Dame (5)
6. LSU (6)
7. Ole Miss (7)
8. Florida State (8)
9. Clemson (9)
10. UCLA (11)
11. Alabama (10)
12. Georgia (12)
13. Utah (17)
14. Oklahoma (14)
15. Texas A&M (15)
16. Northwestern (18)
17. Stanford (19)
18. USC (20)
19. Wisconsin (23)
20. Michigan (Un)
21. Oklahoma State (21)
22. Mississippi State (Un)
23. West Virginia (Un)
24. California (Un)
25. Duke (Un)

Dropped out: Oregon (13), Arizona (16), BYU (22), Arizona State (24), Georgia Tech (25)

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J3C College Football Top 25 (after Week 3 )

Nothing like football until well into early Sunday morning, right?

Yes, I’m kidding.  Let’s get the games back into a reasonable hour where they belong, it has to really suck to watch til that ridiculous time for football only to be on the wrong end of the score.    Ask the folks around Tuscaloosa.

Ole Miss looked good, but to my eye they would have looked a lot better if they didn’t let the game keep returning to the “in doubt” status repeatedly.   Then again I’m not sure how good any of the alleged contenders look this weekend … Ohio State is the latest to put the notion of 2 quarterbacks = 0 quarterbacks to the test.  Their grip on the top spot suddenly looks a lot more tenuous … Continuing the apparent 2015 theme of winning but looking bad doing so was TCU.  Without a defense – and they don’t appear to have one right now – they feel more & more like a pretender to me … Notre Dame wins with relative ease, exposing an over ranked opponent in the process by making it look easy with players well down their pre-season depth chart … LSU looks awfully good, or at least dangerous, but we really won’t know for sure until they play a game where their quarterback matters and that has to happen eventually.  Right? …  Georgia may, or may not, have disproven the importance of quarterbacks.  Record setting day but barring turnovers I don’t think it really would have mattered a lot.   Frying the chicken was fun for the Dawgnation I’m sure but let’s be honest,SC  might not finish first in  several of the better high school regions in Georgia right now.   They’re bordering on being Vandy bad … Tennessee did what they should have done against a so-so high school team, but it was still fun for Evan Berry to get a touchdown on special teams with his brother Eric on the sidelines … UCLA vs BYU was a pretty good ball game ..

Time for this week’s JonsThreeCents College Football Top 25,where it feels like there’s a definite shortage of teams worthy of “being ranked” as early as I can recall.  (last week’s ranking follows their name)

1.  Ohio State (1)
2. Michigan State (4)
3. TCU (3)
4. Baylor (5)
5. Notre Dame (8)
6. LSU (9)
7. Ole Miss (12)
8. Florida State (7)
9. Clemson (10)
10. Alabama (2)
11. UCLA (11)
12. Georgia (14)
13. Oregon (13)
14. Oklahoma (16)
15. Texas A&M (17)
16. Arizona (19)
17. Utah (21)
18. Northwestern (25)
19. Stanford (Un)
20. USC (6)
21. Oklahoma State (Un)
22. BYU (20)
23. Wisconsin (23)
24. Arizona State (24)
25. Georgia Tech (15)

Dropped out: Auburn (18), Missouri (22)

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